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photo of Liz Lottens

Elizabeth Lootens

Hi there! 

Thanks for your interest in Atlanta Purus.

My name is Liz Lootens, owner and operator of Atlanta Purus. Originally from Connecticut, I came down for a job in 2006 and have called Atlanta home ever since.  I’m a 2005 graduate from Central Connecticut State University with a BA in Communications, which has opened many doors in the corporate world. However, I discovered my real passion was teaching. So in 2013, I started my career as a Pre-K teacher.

My husband, Scott, and I started our journey together in 2008, and in 2011 we tied the knot!

We have been part of Purus Thinking since the beginning of 2017. We were amazed at the technology and immediately knew we wanted to be involved and bring this fantastic product to the Atlanta market.

After witnessing the technology in action, I realized it would solve a problem I regularly saw as a teacher: the problem being germs. I cannot remember how many times I was diagnosed with strep throat or the flu! If schools use our products to clean after a strep throat or flu outbreak, it might reduce the number of sick students and teachers.

I loved teaching but sadly stopped in 2020 due to COVID-19. I am now dedicating my time to spreading the good word about our company’s products and their impact on our environments. We need a product like this more than ever.

I look forward to working with you!

photo of Scott Lootens

Scott Lootens

Introduction coming soon.