The Purus Effect on COVID-19

Hypochlorous Solution (HOCI) solution is 80x – 120x more efficacious than chlorine bleach, yet safe for humans and sensitive electronics. Our Purus Air dry foggers create 5 micron-sized particles of HOCI that kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces. 

The system is 99.999% effective at killing COVID-19 and all of the prevalent airborne and surface pathogens.

A dry fog of our HOCl solution stays suspended in the air, killing pathogens there and on surfaces for several hours.

“COVID-19 spreads mainly through airborne respiratory droplets from an infected person. There is growing evidence that droplets and airborne particles can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours and travel distances beyond six feet. Spread from touching surfaces is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.”

photo of Purus air fogger nozzles spraying material

Maximum Coverage

Distributed as a DRY FOG, Purus Air reaches wherever air flows, including surfaces (such as seats, textiles, cabinets, ventilation, fabrics, etc.), closed desks and closets and in crevices unreachable with spray/surface wipes.

The 5-micron HOCL/Antimicrobial particles attach to pathogens and kill in air and on surface.

Other products do not kill the entire cell, allowing it to develop resistance and grow back stronger.

Swift & Superior​

Gentle for electronics, sensitive equipment, upholsteries, furniture, carpet, etc. Reaches every hard to reach surface, not dependent on labor to apply it.

  • No costly staffing increases required
  • No need to seal off or ventilate the treatment area
  • Dynamic Distribution

Our customers and operating partners require flexible distribution options. PurusAir technology provides multiple solutions that make it easy to treat any area.

Fogging Units: Easily roll in and out of buildings, rooms and enclosed spaces. This can also be easily transported to multiple locations.

Mobile Backpacks: Treat a targeted area such as vehicles, indoor and outdoors equipment and furniture, confined spaces and high traffic areas.